Three weeks ago market bias was upward. Two weeks ago, downward. So not a surprise last week’s was upward again (no terrorism effect) – indicative of continued disagreement among institutional investors as to near-term sentiment.

Price movement among most of our stocks was mixed and rather slight, for a dull week. With recent institutional uncertainty having produced higher-than-average numbers of trades and shorter trade durations, most of our positons are too new to have moved much in price, with a higher-than-average number still hovering in the red until they gain traction, specifically oil-related stocks.

With money managers still trying to finish the year in the black, there may be some follow-through to the upside in these remaining 6 weeks. Keep in mind, however, our focus stocks do not necessarily track with the major indexes – even this week there are just as many stocks on our lists trending downward (which is gains for us versus offsetting losses for most long-only funds and the indexes themselves).

Only three and a half total trading days this holiday week.

Highlights: only 2 new weekly highs. Double-digit long gains in MESG +19%, NOAH +35% on large rise, TRUE + 14% and VIMC +12%.

4 new weekly lows. Double-digit short gains in AHGP +23% and DENN +16%.

Stock List Changes: Deleting CALL after routine scheduled evaluation. Adding Trovagene Inc (TROV) [healthcare facilities] with a past 9 month compound trading return of +133.5% and trade indicated.