Our strategy makes greater returns simple.

Our mission is to help investors earn the largest possible return the stock market will provide – and our Sample Stock page shows that can be substantial for those willing to actively trade.

Picking performers

Stock Selection

The first advantage we provide is focusing you on the small number of stocks that are highly price-dynamic (regardless of direction), which is a requisite for large returns.  By avoiding most of the over 5,000 NYSE and Nasdaq NM stocks that simply do not change much in price, we help you avoid the trap of wasting your time and capital on under-performers.

Where to go

Trend direction

The second advantage is identifying the correct trend direction (up or down) for each stock that will produce profits.   This is not always apparent to the eye, and requires complex mathematics to determine.  

When to move

Trade Timing

The third advantage is determining the best week in which to reverse each of your positions from long-to-short or short-to-long in order to maximize the gain on your current trade and set yourself up for maximum gain on your next position.  Even more so than trend direction, this requires complex mathematics to distinguish between a valid trend reversal and the normal choppy movements of a stock even within an intact trend.


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