Trade Results


Here’s some insights into recent trade results and some that have happened over the las year. If you’re curious, here’s how we do it.


Recent Single Trade Gains


American Outdoor Brands


long, 24 weeks

(Level 1 edition)


Verso Corp


long, 15 weeks

(Level 2 edition)


Shotspotter Inc


short, 24 weeks

(Level 3 edition)


“I don’t really understand the stock market or have the time to try, but with this (newsletter) I don’t have to – it provides everything I need for big results”

Justin F., Level 1 Subscriber


Some Subscriber Full-Year Trade Gains


Perdoceo Education Corp


on 3 trades (long-short-long)

over 53 weeks

(Level 1 edition)


Conns Inc


on 3 trades (long-short-long)

over 44 weeks

(Level 2 edition)


Crocs Inc


on 4 trades (short-long-short-long)

over 51 weeks

(Level 3 edition)

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