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01. Proven strategy

We identify the trading behavior of the successful “smart money” institutions and use it as our guide.

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Our newsletter indicates what to do with each stock on the list for the coming week.

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You create a portfolio of stocks in your own online brokerage account and enter occassional trades.

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Best Stock Market Advisor

StockTraderAdvisory.com is the premier source for expert stock trading insights. Our team of seasoned traders use their expertise to provide you with actionable advice on when and what to trade, so you can make informed decisions and maximize your profits.

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Trading insights

The stock market is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends and changes can be a challenge. That’s why subscribing to StockTraderAdvisory.com is so valuable – we’ll provide you with real-time trading insights that are tailored to your specific investment goals, so you can stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the stock market.

learn and GROW your trading skills

Stock Trading Education

In addition to providing you with expert stock trading insights, StockTraderAdvisory.com is also committed to helping you improve your stock trading knowledge and skills. Our resources and information will help you grow as a trader: from the basics of stock trading to more advanced strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Take your trading skills to the next level and achieve your financial goals faster.



Recent Single Trade Gains


American Outdoor Brands


long, 24 weeks

(Level 1 edition)


Verso Corp


long, 15 weeks

(Level 2 edition)


Shotspotter Inc


short, 24 weeks

(Level 3 edition)

Proven Success

Tackle a moving target

Taking the time to analyze market data, what to invest and when to do it is time consuming. Most individuals don’t have the time or insight into this data.

Stock Trader Advisory subscribers get precise analytics so they know when and what to trade in efforts to improve their portfolio.

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Justin F.

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"I don't really understand the stock market or have the time to try, but with this I don't have to – it provides everything I need for big results."

Brien S.

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"I had never sold short before. Didn't understand it. Now that I do I realize how much of my gains come from shorts, especially lately. Thank you!"

Emily Y.

Level 2 Subscriber

“I like the face this newsletter tells me precisely what to do with each stock each week. Makes for a quick read. So different from others I've tried that were very vague.”

Jake G.

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"Over the years I made many good gains, but rarely held on to them. Now with tell signals, it feels great to actually lock them in for a change."

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We provide you with a weekly trading strategy so you’re able to live life and have the right information in front of you & see tangible returns.

Find Top Performing Stocks

Our strategy is simple, we seek to find the top 60 performing stocks. We are constantly looking out and making adjustments to our list to help you achieve a return.

Analyze & interpret Data

We crunch and interpret stock data so you don’t have to. Our weekly newsletter provides you with information on when to make a move.


Our subscribers see weekly results with their trades. Whether it’s a long or short gain, we’re happy to see our subscribers portfolio’s succeed.

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