Summer market lethargy is at its peak, and with no significant international or domestic news event to move markets significantly the Nasdaq Composite and S&P500 Indexes finished flat.  Not that there aren’t some stocks moving up or down, just not as many this time of year.

Thus a mixed week for our stocks – some long positions continued rising while others slumped (some dramatically), and the same for our short positions.  While many recent trades remain stagnant with no productive price movement yet, we still managed a decent number of new weekly highs (except for Level 1 list – notable for overall lack of movement).  As a result of limited price movement, trades this weekend are few.

Highlights:  3 new weekly highs in long positions.  7 stocks with double-digit long gains:

      AMBR +16%     TRUE +26%                                                       FIVN +50%      LPSN +84%       NEFF +100%           

      OEC +13%                                                                                    FRPT +56%                                                                 

2 new weekly lows among short positions.  No stocks with double-digit short gains.

Locking in short gain of +28% in PIR (15 weeks).