Past week recap:  Stock market activity last week can be summed up with two words:  not much.  Most stocks traded in a narrow price range, with no significant world events, earnings surprises or economic reports occurring.  The DowJones30 and S&P500 Indexes finished flat, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rose slightly for another new all-time high.

Our stocks were a mix – with some long positions continuing to rise, others flat, and some slumping.  Same goes for our fewer short positions – some falling for new lows, some flat, some rising.  A few trades in Level 2 and 3 this week are more adjustments to sync all positions with Version 51 analytics adopted last week.  Just not one of the more dynamic recent weeks.

Many weeks throughout 2017, though, we can expect our stocks to move in price significantly – and to make sure we benefit the most from those moves, it’s good to review the key behaviors that successful subscribers engage in.  In no particular order, we start this week with the following:

The more positions the better – no matter your capital level, spreading your capital among as many stocks as reasonably possible will be beneficial.  While analytics help with stock selection, trend direction and trade timing, they do not predict whether a trade will end up a blockbuster or a dud.  More positions increases the odds that those trades that prove highly profitable will be among stocks in your portfolio – and nothing is more frustrating than seeing a highly profitable outcome on the stock list and saying to yourself “But I don’t have that one.”  More positions also serves to minimize the impact on your portfolio of any one position that does poorly.

So:  1) consider reducing your capital per stock in order to increase your total number of stocks, 2) when you lock in a significant gainer consider splitting those proceeds into two stocks thereafter, and 3) if your portfolio already includes most Level 1 positions, consider moving up to a Level 2 subscription, which offers you 45+ additional stock choices – in which case you will continue to also receive the Level 1 edition to track those positions you already have.   

Highlights:  8 new weekly highs in long positions.  18 stocks with double-digit long gains:

       AHGP +14%     FRPT +12%       CYBE +29%      ATW +35%                 PIR +56%                    

       BZN +15%        GRBK +15%      ERF +20%        NEFF +33%            

       EVTC +12%      XNCR +13%       HUN +22%     TROX +34%                                  

       FIVN +13%%                               KMT +21%        

       FLDM +19%                                NGL +22%