This week we announced a new trade signal in the healthcare and publishing industry. We’ve overviewed who we are, what we do, how we do it and most importantly what we don’t do.
Now, we’ve overviewed this particular newsletter to provide you with those insights and how you can seek greater returns.


Hey there investors, we are stock trader advisory and we provide you with the newsletter on when and what to trade on line.

So as a quick overview, this is what we’re gonna be going over briefly. So what is it? Who is it for?

How does it work? What do we not do? Quick stock chart analysis and a newsletter review, which has an active trade signal in it for the week of October 18th, 2021.

So star trader weekly is a digestible newsletter with the top performing stock signals to aid in selection of when and what to trade online.

It comes in three different levels that range from $42 up and each level has more stocks to choose from. So level one as around 20 to 30 different stocks, up to a level three which is roughly around 60 different stocks that we’re monitoring for you to, to capitalize on the information.

So who is it for this newsletter was designed for small to medium-size investors. One could start with as little as $50 if they want, or upwards of a thousand dollars to invest.

It’s completely up to you as the investor, how you want to capitalize on that information. And lastly, how does it work?

So we crunch the data weekly and we essentially are looking for the top moving stocks. We analyze upwards of 500 more stocks to do put in our newsletter and we whittle it down to the most active stocks.

And Sunday night we email you are our newsletter and what you have to do that Sunday night is pretty simple.

All you have to do is select which signals you want to follow through with. So whether you want to buy into a new signal, you want to sell a signal that you currently are holding a position on, or, you know, sell short, whatever that signal may be based off of our analytics.

You put that in for Monday morning and then use, sit and wait and hold it all week until the next newsletter comes out to tell you what to do.

So that’s pretty simple. One thing to note is what do we not do? We don’t day trade. Our frequency is based off of weekly trading.

And what we’re doing is trying to follow the smart money, the institutional investors, and what they’re doing day trading is to, to higher frequency.

We found that our investors appreciate the simple actions of Sunday night, putting it on your, on your phone. You can even do it.

You’re on your phone. And secondarily we don’t do, we don’t do mutual funds. And so the mutual funds is a much longer playing.

We believe that you know, over a long period of time, you might see upwards of eight or 10% return. What we’re looking for is a 2% return over a shorter period of time, But without the high frequency and monitoring of day trading.

So where that happy medium between day trading and a mutual funds. And so what we’re going to go over now is sort of our interactive chart.

We’ve got a Yahoo finance here pulled up just as an example. And what we’re, what we’re looking to do is show you how, how and what we do.

We, so we’re looking for signals of upward movement of stock positions. And essentially we’re looking for those peaks of when, when it peaks.

And that gives us a signal of when to sell. Let me see if I’ve got my Nope, I’m marker capabilities here, but here we go, here we go.

We’re going to drop. So we’re looking for that. Nope, that didn’t work either. So we’re looking for that upward movement and then that downward movement.

So there’s there’s room to gain money here on the upward trend and then there’s money to gain on the downward trend.

And this trend actually might be longer moving down, but here’s an option to make some, make some money. Here’s another option on wind to make money, another option to make money and on her down.

So as the market moves up and down, we’re looking for those positions on when and what to trade. So that’s that’s what has, that’s what we’re providing you on a weekly basis of when those signals occur and when you can capitalize on those gains.

And so lastly, we’ve got our newsletter here we are. Let me go ahead and, and blow this up and make it, make it big.

So we’ve got a different couple of different sections within our newsletter. One is essentially our past week recap, and usually we provide those digests via email for those who haven’t subscribed we’ve got highlights so more or less, this is how the newsletter has performed over over time.

So this one, we’ve got four new, weekly highs, and we were looking at 3d systems here just on our last, last interactive chart portion.

And then we have, which is the most, most informational part of our newsletter here is the stock list changes. So essentially what we’re adding and what we’re doing with the lists.

So we, we recently added a new new signal, which is SDX. And so we’ve, we’ve seen 343.5% return in five months.

And the list, everything that we’ve been talking about leading up to this right here. So this is our list. And currently we’ve got two new signals, which is SDX and also quotion tech and all these other eyes you can see over here, these greens, these are, these are our new weekly highs labeled over here on the far right corner.

And then all of the performers that are doing, doing well. So you’ve got some that are upwards of 648.1% change in green Plains, Inc.

And lastly we have essentially our definitions of what to do. So if you’re a beginner and not sure what to do here is your little cheat sheet on, you know, when it says buy what to do selling avoid or buy to cover and avoid.

And lastly, we’ve got our legal, which you can review as soon as you subscribe to get the, the newsletter. So this is kind of how simple it is.

A lot of people we’ve, we’ve received information that they just kind of do it on their phone. So you can just kind of pull it up quickly, skim through I, you see that you need to make a buy.

All right, will you flip over to your provider? Whoever that may be to, to put that signal in and then make a purchase if you want to sell it, whatever that may be.

All you have to do is just flip over and make that, and then you got to sit in a hole all week.

So this newsletter goes out Sunday night, if you want to get your hands on this specific newsletter, please head on over to stock trader advisory.com.

We’ve got multiple little locations where you can enter your email address and it will automatically send you this email for you to review.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a comment in the video below depending on what outlet you’re viewing this, or you can also email [email protected] with your questions.

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We’ve got a lot of our trading reports available, or you can check out our blog on our website. If you have any questions, just let us know we’re here.

Good luck trading, and have a great week.