Two of the three major market indexes rose again, on continued buying by institutional investors in the absence of any negative economic/political news.

Our particular stocks are not necessarily correlated to the broad market, as many of our stocks trended down last week and there are many more long-to-short trade signals as short-to-long signals this weekend.  So at least among our stocks there are many signs that buyers are declining in numbers with sellers now dominating.  This could be an indication that a more widespread downtrend is beginning to form. 

Highlights:  7 new weekly highs in long positions.  5 stocks with double-digit long gains:

     FIVN +17%                                                                              BZH +58%                                     LPSN +106%           

     HUN +13%                                                                              

     URBN +14%


Locking in long gain of +28% in FMSA (7 weeks).

1 new weekly low among short positions.  1 stock with double-digit short gain:

    EVTC +16%

Stock list changes:  Deleting ABX and AGEN after routine scheduled evaluation.  Adding the following stock with recent compound trading return listed and trade indicated:

               Star Gas Partners LP (SGU) [oil & gas operations], +68.3% in past 17 months