Another extremely erratic, volatile week.  Mounting concerns over North Korea caused some institutions to sell out of stocks, leading to widespread declines in prices, and more price spikes up and down occurred from corporate announcements that should not have been surprises to analyst but were anyhow, more of them unfavorable than favorable.  The overall stock market is sorely lacking its customary information flow and semblance of order at the present time.

Another no good ugly week for us.  Yes, there were some rising long positions and declining short positions for gains, but most price movement again was long positions declining, some again abruptly by their largest amount of any single week all year.  Few highlights, and a larger-than-normal number of positions under water at the moment.  Tough environment to trade when both corporations and analysts/investors are behaving so unpredictably.

Highlights:  4 new weekly highs in long positions.  3 stocks with double-digit long gains:

                               BZH +23%                                                             LPSN +81%       NEFF +107%           


4 new weekly lows among short positions.  1 stock with double-digit short gains:

                               EVH +27%