After four strong weeks, the recent rally fizzled. After downward price pressures much of the week, the Nasdaq Composite and S&P500 indexes are back to near their recent lows. 

Our stocks slumped like most others, during a basically forgettable week. Very few trades signaled. 

Much concern remains, with inflation high, a potential rail strike looming, diesel fuel shortage worsening and increasing number of earnings warnings/downward revenue estimates from corporations, all the result of Democratic mismanagement. 

Add increased crime, open borders, censorship, corruption, weakened military and “wokeness” infiltrating cultural, educational and Federal institutions, and we see what 2 years of Democratic party control has brought us. 

Tuesday is your chance to end this purposeful ruination of the U.S. by transferring Federal, state and local control to the other political party. Please don’t miss this extremely important opportunity. 

Will be interesting to see if election results trigger any “relief” rally. 

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