A mixed week for stocks, with most closing the week relatively unchanged in price, if not down somewhat.

Geopolitical concerns in Israel added to existing investor pessimism over high interest rates and still-high inflation numbers.

Offsetting those concerns were decent corporate earnings reports and some investor buying based on perceived “bargain” prices.

Not much movement in our stocks. Some shorts continued to post gains, but that was about it.

With the bond market in ruins (severe price declines as yields spike to historic highs not seen in decades), investors simply do not know whether to participate in the stock market or not. A great deal of cash sits on the sidelines, dampening prices of stocks, as there seems to be a new national “crisis” emerging by the week, abetted by an absolutely feckless administration in Washington.

Very difficult conditions right now in which to find significant profits in stocks, as investor sentiment is all over the map, effectively cancelling out any productive price moves. No indication of a big 4Q rally emerging yet.


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