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"My 2014 return was my best year ever, in part because I learned to sell when advised, in order to lock-in my gains, and in part from having made short trades, which I had not done previously."

John C.    Marketing Regional Manager



Stock Trading Strategies, Stock Trading Advice - Stock Trader Advisory

  Stock Trader Advisory assists small and mid-size investors achieve greater stock market returns than otherwise available from passive strategies, by offering an alternative trading strategy designed to harness the volatility of short-term price trends - up and down - evident in so many stocks today.  The cornerstone of our practical, safe and affordable strategy is weekly analytics-based trading recommendations available through our publication Stock Trader Week. 

Ever notice that wealthy, high-net worth investors never complain about their stock market returns?  That's because they engage the services of wealth management advisors/hedge funds who successfully utilize trading strategies to generate consistent gains for their clients whether the stock market is rising or falling. 
Per regulatory reasons, however, small investors are not eligible to be clients of these successful advisors, because they're small investors! - a real Catch 22 that leaves this large group of individuals and families with investment capital of under $500,000 vastly under-served.
Stock Trader Advisory was founded - by a small investor - to provide other small investors with the same opportunity to earn significant investment returns as high-net worth investors do, by identifying and sharing the same key trading information that hedge funds act on for the benefit of their clients. 


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 Our mission is to  deliver higher investment returns for small and mid-size investors willing to "think like a trader" and actively manage their own investment account on the basis of  timely and un-biased information we provide weekly regarding stock SELECTION, trend DIRECTION and trade TIMING.



There are many opportunities for significant profits occurring in the stock market every week.  Our analytics find them, our weekly newsletter alerts you to them.  If you're not routinely achieving significant returns in the U.S. stock market, its more likely the fault of your passive investment strategy than the market itself.  If you're willing to take a more "hands on" approach to managing your own investment portfolio, partner with us and spend just a few minutes each week to make a real difference in your financial situation.  Learn more about our strategy, our newsletter and potential for gains here.


Average cumulative trading return of our 3 newsletter editions 2014:  +37.3%

Benchmark S&P500 Index return 2014:  +11.7%