Chief Investment Analyst

Experienced Leadership

Stock Trader Week is published by Mark Lambert, Chief Investment Analyst for Stock Trader Advisory.

Mr. Lambert has been a stock investor since college days. Over the course of 20 years he attempted many investment strategies, all of which worked… sometimes. It was only after studying, testing and implementing technical analysis that he began to earn consistent annual gains, in all market conditions.

After 13 years as a professional trader, having reviewed over 1,000,000 stock charts and having developed his proprietary trading decision matrix, he founded Stock Trader Advisory in 2012. The newsletter in its present format dates back to 2014.

Mr. Lambert is also investment manager for Mariner Capital Management’s Navigator Fund LP hedge fund which applies the same trading strategy on the same stock portfolio for high-net-worth clients. Qualified Clients can address inquiries to mlambert@marinercm.com.